The Importance of Exercise for Your Dog

The Importance of Exercise for Your Dog

Dogs ExercisingOne of the good habits I developed thanks to my dogs is the value of exercise. Before getting my dogs, I got back to the habit of being sedentary. Often after coming home from the office, I just think about getting some rest, watching TV and sitting around the computer or reading a book.

Things changed when I got dogs. The one thing about having dogs is you become more responsible. They’re like your babies and looking after them is one of the things that comes with owning them.

Thanks to my dogs, I’ve gone out more regularly. I take them for regular walks. We also enjoy time at the park or play catch in the backyard. They’re great and the best thing about playing and exercising with my dogs is that I feel much more energized after to do other things. This helps me become more productive.

When it comes of physical activity, dogs are just like human beings, they need to exercise and spend a certain portion of their time being active.

In fact, letting your dog exercise actually helps them be healthier in a lot of different ways.

1. Exercise helps dogs keep their weight down

One of the things I’ve always had problems when it comes to my dogs is that I spoil them. They pretty much get anything they want, including food. As a result, all except two of the dogs I’ve ever owned are overweight, at least according to the vet. Giving them a regular exercise regimen helps control their weight much like it does help us keep the pounds off.

2. The don’t behave as badly when they’re allowed to exercise regularly

One thing I noticed after I gave more exercise time to my dogs is that they had less behavioral problems. This reduced the hyperactive behavior like barking or chewing on fabric or other household items.

They became less listless and were better behaved overall. Try it.

3. Exercise helps keep them healthy and works their muscles

Much like people, dogs need to exercise to keep their limbs, muscles and bones strong. When they sit around they become fat and less agile. Over time they walk slower become less active. Allowing them to run and jump keeps them in their natural flow. That’s what they were made to do.

4. Taking time to exercise with them builds your bond with them

Let’s face it, some owners are much closer with their dogs while others just aren’t. There’s a reason for this and that’s because they spend time with them. Dogs are a lot like people, the relationship needs nurturing. This is why spending time them builds their trust as well as a bond that only you can have with them.