Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Dogs

Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Dogs

Dogs are a big part of our lives. Everyone at some point has had some experience with dogs whether owning one, playing with one, petting them or seeing your neighbor walk them.

And while we can sometimes think that they’re simple creatures that provide companionship to us, there are actually a number of things that are quite interesting about dogs.

Here are some of lesser known facts about dogs.

Each Dog’s Nose in Unique

Dogs nose up closeAt first glance they may look alike and only differ in size and color, but in reality, the dog’s nose is as unique as it gets. In fact, each dog has unique dog prints that only that particular dog has.

Think of their nose prints like we have fingerprints. No two people have the same fingerprints and no one doesn’t have a fingerprint. The same is true for the dog’s nose print.

This is one of the ways you can easily tell one dog from another even if they look just about exactly alike.

Dogs Have a Much Keener Sense of Smell Compared to Humans

While most of us already know this or have some sort of inkling about it, they’re smell ability is actually over a thousand times more sensitive than ours.

This is one of the reasons law enforcement offices use them to track down individuals even if the person has already been gone a while. They are also able to track scents of other animals which is why hunters often have dog trackers with them.

The reason behind they keener sense of smell is that they have millions more of smell receptors compared to humans.

Dogs can Sense Storms Coming

thunderstorm in the fieldsSpeaking of the dog’s sensitive senses, they can also sense when a storm is coming. This is why some of our dogs will start behaving badly or start acting up even before any rain or thunder comes along.

If you’ve been in a farm, you’ll probably notice that other animals like horses have this sense too. This gives them a chance to seek for shelter and stay away as the storm comes.

Why Dogs Don’t Like Thunder

One of the things I’ve noticed as a dog owner is that my dogs never liked the sound of thunder. In fact during bad thunderstorms I can feel some of them shivering.

This is why when there’s thunder I usually stay beside them and play with them. This gives them comfort and peace of mind.

The one thing that I didn’t know until recently was that the booming sound of thunder isn’t just annoying to them as it can be for us humans. The frequencies at which the thunders come at during storms is actually painful to dogs’ ears. So the fear we see in them during thunderstorms may actually be pain.

Dogs Sweat Through Their Paws

Have you ever noticed you dog sweat? Neither have I.

When we play catch with our dogs, or exercise with them, we do notice them pant a lot. I’m sure part is from the exercise but also part from being excited and happy.

But when we pat them or stroke their fur, there’s no sweat. Unlike humans who have sweat glands covering almost all over our bodies, dogs only have sweat glands in their paws.

This is why we don’t feel them getting wet even after vigorous running or playing.

The Way They Wag Their Tail Has Its Meaning

a Dog Wagging its TailWe often think that when a dog wags its tail that it’s happy or happy to see us. This may be the case most of the time specially when they’re excited to see their master, but not always the case.

The way dogs wag their tail and the direction it is in tells you what their true emotions are.

When dogs wag their tail to the left, they’re actually felling fear instead of happiness. It is when the tail wag to the right that’s when their happy.

Whether they’re wagging high or low also tells you something. When their tail wags low, they are having some feelings of insecurity, whereas when tail wagging becomes very aggressive and fast with a different look in their eye they are alert and ready to defend or attack.