Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Dogs

Dogs are a big part of our lives. Everyone at some point has had some experience with dogs whether owning one, playing with one, petting them or seeing your neighbor walk them.

And while we can sometimes think that they’re simple creatures that provide companionship to us, there are actually a number of things that are quite interesting about dogs.

Here are some of lesser known facts about dogs.

Each Dog’s Nose in Unique

Dogs nose up closeAt first glance they may look alike and only differ in size and color, but in reality, the dog’s nose is as unique as it gets. In fact, each dog has unique dog prints that only that particular dog has.

Think of their nose prints like we have fingerprints. No two people have the same fingerprints and no one doesn’t have a fingerprint. The same is true for the dog’s nose print.

This is one of the ways you can easily tell one dog from another even if they look just about exactly alike.

Dogs Have a Much Keener Sense of Smell Compared to Humans

While most of us already know this or have some sort of inkling about it, they’re smell ability is actually over a thousand times more sensitive than ours.

This is one of the reasons law enforcement offices use them to track down individuals even if the person has already been gone a while. They are also able to track scents of other animals which is why hunters often have dog trackers with them.

The reason behind they keener sense of smell is that they have millions more of smell receptors compared to humans.

Dogs can Sense Storms Coming

thunderstorm in the fieldsSpeaking of the dog’s sensitive senses, they can also sense when a storm is coming. This is why some of our dogs will start behaving badly or start acting up even before any rain or thunder comes along.

If you’ve been in a farm, you’ll probably notice that other animals like horses have this sense too. This gives them a chance to seek for shelter and stay away as the storm comes.

Why Dogs Don’t Like┬áThunder

One of the things I’ve noticed as a dog owner is that my dogs never liked the sound of thunder. In fact during bad thunderstorms I can feel some of them shivering.

This is why when there’s thunder I usually stay beside them and play with them. This gives them comfort and peace of mind.

The one thing that I didn’t know until recently was that the booming sound of thunder isn’t just annoying to them as it can be for us humans. The frequencies at which the thunders come at during storms is actually painful to dogs’ ears. So the fear we see in them during thunderstorms may actually be pain.

Dogs Sweat Through Their Paws

Have you ever noticed you dog sweat? Neither have I.

When we play catch with our dogs, or exercise with them, we do notice them pant a lot. I’m sure part is from the exercise but also part from being excited and happy.

But when we pat them or stroke their fur, there’s no sweat. Unlike humans who have sweat glands covering almost all over our bodies, dogs only have sweat glands in their paws.

This is why we don’t feel them getting wet even after vigorous running or playing.

The Way They Wag Their Tail Has Its Meaning

a Dog Wagging its TailWe often think that when a dog wags its tail that it’s happy or happy to see us. This may be the case most of the time specially when they’re excited to see their master, but not always the case.

The way dogs wag their tail and the direction it is in tells you what their true emotions are.

When dogs wag their tail to the left, they’re actually felling fear instead of happiness. It is when the tail wag to the right that’s when their happy.

Whether they’re wagging high or low also tells you something. When their tail wags low, they are having some feelings of insecurity, whereas when tail wagging becomes very aggressive and fast with a different look in their eye they are alert and ready to defend or attack.

The Importance of Exercise for Your Dog

Dogs ExercisingOne of the good habits I developed thanks to my dogs is the value of exercise. Before getting my dogs, I got back to the habit of being sedentary. Often after coming home from the office, I just think about getting some rest, watching TV and sitting around the computer or reading a book.

Things changed when I got dogs. The one thing about having dogs is you become more responsible. They’re like your babies and looking after them is one of the things that comes with owning them.

Thanks to my dogs, I’ve gone out more regularly. I take them for regular walks. We also enjoy time at the park or play catch in the backyard. They’re great and the best thing about playing and exercising with my dogs is that I feel much more energized after to do other things. This helps me become more productive.

When it comes of physical activity, dogs are just like human beings, they need to exercise and spend a certain portion of their time being active.

In fact, letting your dog exercise actually helps them be healthier in a lot of different ways.

1. Exercise helps dogs keep their weight down

One of the things I’ve always had problems when it comes to my dogs is that I spoil them. They pretty much get anything they want, including food. As a result, all except two of the dogs I’ve ever owned are overweight, at least according to the vet. Giving them a regular exercise regimen helps control their weight much like it does help us keep the pounds off.

2. The don’t behave as badly when they’re allowed to exercise regularly

One thing I noticed after I gave more exercise time to my dogs is that they had less behavioral problems. This reduced the hyperactive behavior like barking or chewing on fabric or other household items.

They became less listless and were better behaved overall. Try it.

3. Exercise helps keep them healthy and works their muscles

Much like people, dogs need to exercise to keep their limbs, muscles and bones strong. When they sit around they become fat and less agile. Over time they walk slower become less active. Allowing them to run and jump keeps them in their natural flow. That’s what they were made to do.

4. Taking time to exercise with them builds your bond with them

Let’s face it, some owners are much closer with their dogs while others just aren’t. There’s a reason for this and that’s because they spend time with them. Dogs are a lot like people, the relationship needs nurturing. This is why spending time them builds their trust as well as a bond that only you can have with them.

5 Dog Breeds for Kids

I grew up in a household with dogs. It was one of the things that really helped me a lot growing up. They were my constant companions even when I was left alone at home. They would keep me company and play with me.

As a parent now, I truly appreciate the things dogs do for kids. One of things to consider when choosing a pet dog for the home is whether they are great with kids. Most dogs do well with kids, but there are some breeds that are exceptional with children.

These often show a lot of devotion and friendship with the child. They are also protective and nurturing.

Best Dog Breeds for Children

Golden Retreiver

the Golden RetrieverThey’re super cute and very intelligent making them among the most popular breeds dog owners go for. The golden retreiver is a medium sized dog that is also among the most beautiful looking.

They are very energetic dogs making them perfect if you have a backyard or love to go out and walk. They are great with kids and easily adapt to different types of living environments.

What makes them great for kids is not only their intelligence but also because they’re very devoted. This makes them watch over your kids to make sure they’re always safe and secure.


BulldogsBulldogs are the 4th most popular dog breed. They are very calm and very friendly making it easy for them to cozy up to kids. One other characteristic of bulldogs is that they’re very courageous. This makes them the perfect companions for kids as they’re friendly with your child but ready to protect them in case anything ever happens.

The surprising thing about bulldogs is that they my look mean on the outside which leads many people to think that they’re aggressive. But in reality they’re quite the opposite.

Because they are a relatively healthy breed, many pet owners like to choose this breed as they don’t need as much attention as others.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador RetrieversLabs are the most popular dog breeds. They are a great fit for families specially those with kids.

This active dog breed is very outgoing which makes them excellent companions with kids.

They can help introverted kids get over not going out which makes for healthier upbringing.

Labrador retrievers are very friendly which make them easy to raise with kids.


BeaglesFor those who grew up on cartoons, you’ll probably remember the most famous beagle of them all, Snoopy. Beagles has extremely great sense of smell because they were bred for hunting.

This breed is great with kids as it is very loving and gentle with children. They love being around people and are among the easiest dog breeds to own.

One thing beagle owners should know is that they need to be exercised as they have a propensity of getting fat.


The NewfoundlandNewfoundlands are a slightly bigger dog breed compared to beagles and poodles. They are around 2 feet to 2.5 feet tall and weigh between 100 to 150 lbs. This makes them perfect for kids who are a bit older.

These dogs are among the sweetest dogs and have very gentle dispositions. They are also great swimmers making them great companions for when the kids go swimming.

This breed has a heavy coat and often come in many varieties of colors, including black, gray white and brown.

Getting in Shape with Your Dog

As we get older, our body’s metabolism slows down. To add to that, we engage is less physical activity as we move from playing to studying to working. By the time we graduate from college, most of our time will be spent at the office and almost no time doing physical activity.

Of course you can go get a gym membership or buy expensive workout equipment. But exercise need not be limited to the traditional ‘working out’.

In its most simple form getting in shape and going back to fitness can be as little as getting daily brisk walks or running. You won’t need any equipment making it cost effective.

A more fun and rewarding way is to get a dog. Yes, dogs aren’t just companions but they’re also great for our health.

Exercise with Your DogLike dogs we need regular exercise, you can run, jump or just walk with your dog. They need the exercise and so do we too. Plus, we have a much more fun time getting in the exercise compared to just running on the treadmill for hours.

You don’t need to do a lot of very intensive exercises. Simple walks around the neighborhood blocks regularly does the job. In fact medical researchers have proved that dog owners who took their dogs out for walks covered more walking distance regularly compared to those who didn’t own dogs.

There’s no need to do anything like P90X or Vert Shock jumping which are both high intensity workouts for athletes, regular walks and playing with them covers more than what we need. Plus, they’re more fun.

Walking Your Dog

The great thing about walking your dog is that they are natural energy boosters and act as your cheerleaders. They motivate you to go further because they like to enjoy the outdoors.

Aim for 20 minutes daily. You can mix up the walking pace, the distances and where you walk.

Walking is a great way to burn calories and can burn as much as 300 calories. This makes for a nice way to get yourself fit.

Playing with Your Dog

Physical activity need not be limited to walking your dog. You can play with them, run, jump or play catch. A quick game of catch is also one of my favorites this not only lets them use their burst of speed but also builds your relationship with them.

Exercise Tips with You Pet

1. Keep hydrated. Don’t forget to drink fluids, specially water. Both you and your dog need to be well hydrated. The hotter the weather the more you need to make sure you get enough water to combat dehydration.

2. Choose the right type of exercise. Always be safe. This again, goes for both pet and owner. Don’t play or do activities in terrain that may be slippery or jagged. This may hurt one or both of you. Choose somewhere that’s pet friendly so they don’t get hurt.

3. Lastly, be sure to go by the vet before doing any strenuous exercise with you pet. Know what type of exercise your breed is made for. Some breeds are great for big outdoor spaces while others feel better in smaller areas. Don’t forget to have the vet check your pet too. This is just a safety check to rule out any heart conditions or joint issues that may get in the way or get aggravated. When you get the go signal from your vet, then you’re go to go.

4 Reasons Dogs Make You Healthier

DogsOwning a dog is one of the biggest responsibilities you could have. They’re like your own children that you nurture and take care of.

In return they give you love that is unconditional and become your lifelong companion through the best of times and even the worst of times.

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in life but one thing I can always say, my dogs have always been there and they never fail to help bring a smile to my face.

It may seem like the most common thing that we note about owning a dog is their companionship. But in reality there’s a lot more to them. They do offer many health benefits that go beyond companionship and science has proven a good number of these health benefits to be true.

Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

They Help You Get More Exercise

This is one of the the most common things that I see dogs help with their owners. Most of us spend our days seated behind a desk. As we get older, we get less and less exercise which eventually becomes harmful for our health.

Dogs are known to be active creatures. They are playful, love to run and walk around. They are very curious so they like going to new places too.

One of the things I quickly notice with new dog owners is they get more exercise with their dogs. This can come in the form of just regular walks with their pets, or playing with them. I even see a lot of people bring their dogs as workout companions when they exercise outdoors.

Owning a Dog Helps Improve Our Heart

Thanks to the added physical activity and companionship, our bodies see a number of benefits in the long term. One of the biggest things that have been medically proven is that dog owners have improved heart health.

Studies have revealed that those who owned dogs had better heart health, and low risks of heart disease and stroke over the long term. This may be in fact thanks to the extra exercise we get when we own a dog.

The added physical activity also helps improve other health issues. Owning a dog has been shown to improve cholesterol levels and also triglycerides. Compared to non-dog owners, those who had at least one dog in the household also had lower blood pressure.

Dogs Help Us Get More Social (and Away from Isolation)

People are meant to be social beings. But in the digital lifestyle that’s common nowadays, we see more and more of us step away from social engagements and just deal with people digitally.

This can be in the form of email, chat or social networks. Gone are the days when we go out and interact with people.

Dogs help increase our social interactivity. Whether you’re an introvert who isn’t good at engaging with others in public or just don’t know how to meet other people, dogs offer a quick and easy way to get acquainted with others.

Simply walking your dog or going to the park with them you’ll be able to meet new people and strike up a conversation with them.

They Help Our Immune System

The human immune system is a dynamic structure that adapts to what it meets. Dogs help boost our immunity to allergies, asthma and help strengthen its immune response.

Kids who grew up in households that owned dogs were shown to have less allergy problems and asthma as they grew up. Scientists believe that being exposed to the pets an earlier age allowed the children and their immune systems to adapt to the allergens and overcome them.

This helped them become stronger as they grew up becoming immune to them.

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